Company History:

No.1  In Feb 1992, established SHANGHAI GUANGHE Glass Products Co.,LTD. which is affiliated to Shanghai University.

No.2  In July 2003, The company reorganization(Private)establish a joint venture:SHANGHAI GUANGHE OPTICAL MANUFACTURING Co.,LTD.


Co.,LTD.,which jointlu distribute German SCHOTT glass and other polishing materials.

No.4  In July 2011, Entered into a strategic partnership with the Shanghai Kuroda Trade Co.,LTD.

No.5  In September 2013, The company Share restruring.

No.6  In November 2014, Listed in the National Small and Medium Enterprise Share Transfer System as a New Third Board Listed Company(Stock Code:831460).

No.7  In Jan 2015, Invested 20 million yuan established a whollu-owned subsidiary in Dafeng Industrial Zone,Changzhou High-tech Zone,Jiangsu Province: SHANGHAI GUANGHE OPTICAL MANUFACTURING DF Co.,LTD.(Land Space 46700㎡with Operation area 18000 ㎡)Responsible for production, capacity expansion,technological innovation,technology research and development area.

No.8  In June 2015, The company signed with the University of Shanghai for Science and Advanced Optical Manufacturing joint lab partnership agreement to carry out guidance counseling,science and technologu collaborative research,science and technology personnel teaining and academic exchanges.

No.9  In Novmber 2015, The company wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai Guanghe Optical Manufacture DaFeng Co.,LTD.and China Academy of Engineering、China Institute of Metrology, honorary president Zhuang Songlin and his team siged a cooperation agreement. the establishment of R&D project team,specialized in the field of research.

No.10  In Jan 2016, To meet the ever increasing rise of customer orders,the original Yangpu District,Shanghai Industrial Park production lines have been migrated to the new plant in Dafeng District,Jiangsu Province.

No.11  In Mar 2016, The company entered a new three-panel stocks were market-making transactions.

Sales Field Development

No.1  In January 2008, SKOWA cooperated with SCHOTT, a world leading glass company in Germany.

No.2  In August 2009, SKOWA was authorized by SCHOTT to become distributor of B270 i、D263T and BF33 glass material in China. At the same time,SHANGHAI HEHONG NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO;LTD and HK HEHONG INTERNATIOANAL TRADING LIMITED were set up to distribute SCHOTT glasses and polishing powder.

No.3  In June 2010, SKOWA was authorized by Xinjiang Turpan Gongqi Chenical Co;LTD and become the agent of Loulan Brand Potassium Nitrate in East China.

No.4  In June 2011, SKOWA was uthorized by 3M to become agent of TDT Polishing materials in east China.

No.5  In September 2012, SKOWA was uthorized by KURODA to becaome the agent of T&K AF coating equipment and materials in China.

No.6  In July 2014, SKOWA was uthorized by NIKON to become the agent of precision optical materials(synthetic quartz glass,fluorite,ect) in China.