Introduction to SKOWA:    

SHANGHAI GUANGHE OPTICAL MANUFACTURING Co., Ltd. (Referred to as SKOWA)since its establishment in 2003,adhere to the "independent innovation" for the development of ideas, "improve quality" as the goal. With technology innovation, strict quality management, unique marketing model, improve after-sales service, the company has become a production, sales, R & D, technological innovation of high-tech enterprises.

The company is headquartered in the international metropolis to SHANGHAI, With more than 300 employees. Establish sales networks in the two regions Shanghai, Hong Kong, Established a large-scale optical glass production base in Changzhou High-tech Development Zone Dafeng District  Jiangsu Province. At present, the company's production output is about 16.8 million pieces/year.

Production Products: AG Glass Treatment、Mobile Devices Panel、Car Navigation System Panel、Optical Precision Glass、Industrial/Home Appliance Panel.

Sales MaterialsB270 i Super white glass、D263T Thin Glass、BF33 Borosilicate flost glass、Quartz Glass、Polishing Material、3M TDT grinding without slurry、High purity potassium nitrate. 

Operation Policy:Customer satisfactoryCost competitiveness Technology effectiveness.

Our vision:Become a full-featured professional panel manufacturer.

Customer Support Policy:OEM SolutionODM SolutionCo-developmentSupply Chain.

Our Mission:Responsible for the rights and interests of investors, to achieve value-added assets,Responsible for customers,deliver zero-defect and competitive products to customers on time; Responsible for employees, strictly abide by the State Labor Law, Contract Law, and protect employees' interests according to law and healthy,Responsible for socially responsible and contribute to the community and building the country. 

Environmental protection:The company strictly enforce the "Environmental Protection Law of People's Republic of China". Specially set up environmental protection and safety production management departments, fully responsible for the management and monitoring tasks of the company's environmental protection, and improve the company's environmental conditions Reduce the company's pollution of the surrounding ecological environment, cooperate with the supervision of the government's environmental protection department, strictly implement the "industrial wastewater pollution discharge standards", "exhaust gas emission standards", and the Ministry of Environmental Protection on solid waste disposal management standards. Do a good job in environmental protection, management, monitoring, sustainable development etc, strictly implement the relevant national regulations, and resolutely do not do anything that causes damage to the ecological environment.

Management Organization :